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Cesar Millan with K9 Viper - see the whole story under our 'In the News' section. Daddy was the initial link to  Viper (fear of people) becoming a well-balanced dog.

This is the first of three NATGEO segments with Cesar - see also an unedited version of 'Cesar's Worst Bite' (where Lamb gets bitten by Holly, too) and the 2nd half of "Unadoptable Maury", who Cesar brought to us to learn a new job.


Check out our History Channel segment with Stan Lee's Superhumans, filmed at the All States K-9 training facility- story inside under 'In the News' section.

     All States K-9 Principal 

"Lamb" Lambert & K9 Sugar

The way to a pup's heart could be through his owner, finds new research in the journal Animal Behavior. When dogs were offered treats from two strangers, one who was a mean owner and another who was helpful, they much more often went to the kind one - because, like humans, dogs sense and act on emotional cues, explains study author Kazuo Fujita. 

Next time you want to pet a pooch, befriend the owner first. You'll stay on Fido's good side - and out of the doghouse.

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Cesar Millan videos have been removed recently by Mr. Millan for copyright purposes - please search YouTube with tags to locate the videos.